• Remote web-based management through UMTS, GPRS, LAN network and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Monitoring of each individual inverter
  • Connection to every type of environmental sensor
  • Numerical and graphical display of the periodic data and reports regarding the system’s productivity
  • Notifications sent by email and SMS
  • Pro-active management of maintenance interventions
  • Web-based system management for the installers, maintenance personnel, technical assistance, help desk and final customer, through dedicated administration panels
  • Centralised multi-system management
  • Multi-user functionality with various access levels
  • Data storage in SQL databases
  • Advanced formula editor
  • Events and actions management
  • Reporting system
  • Performance analysis
  • Graphics management
  • Integrated video camera management
  • SNMP standard for extended monitoring
  • Access to collected data


The widespread awareness of environmental issues, which are the focus of the attention of both experts and the public in recent times as never before, has led to a radical acceleration in studies and in the renewable energy market, enabling an increasingly widespread proliferation of photovoltaic systems.

Technological systems generally require constant maintenance to ensure performance. A photovoltaic system needs routine maintenance performed by specialist technicians and prompt intervention in the event of malfunctioning, to prevent drops in productivity and consequent economic losses. The implementation of a monitoring tool means it is possible to ensure effective provision of any routine maintenance that may be required, arriving on site already aware of much information about the type of fault.

SunGuard is a professional monitoring system that keeps all types of photovoltaic system and the environment in which they are located under control. Useful for small systems and a must for medium and large systems. The system provides real-time data and information for both operators performing monitoring and specialist technicians, thus making targeted, prompt and preventive interventions possible.

SunGuard provides the most advanced technologies to interface with all the equipment involved in the photovoltaic system, enabling integration with all control, automation and home automation systems.

Description of the system

The SunGuard system is mainly composed of two fundamental components, a hardware part and a software part. The hardware part is installed at the customer’s site where the photovoltaic system to be monitored is located. Through the various communication interfaces, the SunGuard Box connects to the various inverters, collecting data and making it available via the Internet to the monitoring application. The SunGuard Box can also be connected to multiple analogue sensors via the corresponding SunGuard Sensor Box, DC terminal boxes, tax counters, digital acquisition modules and network analysers.

The software part of SunGuard is composed of a centralised server application that manages communications with the various SunGuard Boxes installed in the area. The application is responsible for managing this data, analysing it and taking actions if error situations occur. The SunGuard application has been designed to make management and analysis of the data made available by the SunGuard Boxes installed as flexible and simple as possible. The centralised software allows multi-user usage, providing multi-system functionality where a single operator will be able to manage several systems composed of different types of inverter and sensors from a common interface.