The Riello PV mobile APP allows users to manage the use of the energy generated by the PV system in real time to obtain performance optimization, safety and energy savings.

  • For Sirio ES string inverters and RS Hybrid 2023 single-phase inverters
  • For residential, commercial, storage applications
  • Compatible with Android/iOS APP systems updated to the latest versions
  • String monitoring
  • Intelligent data analysis

The Riello Solartech inverter APP can be downloaded free from Google Play and the App Store

With an easy and immediate graphical interface via the APP it is possible to configure the system, manage the self-test and analyze the operating conditions of the system.

Riello PV becomes fundamental for the automatic execution of the Autotest with release of the report and for the configuration of the IP address necessary for the Wi-Fi connection with your router. Furthermore, it is possible to display all the DC parameters (voltage and current at the inverter input) and the AC parameters at the inverter output (voltage and current, power factor, frequency, active power and reactive power), both instantaneous and in specific historical periods of reference.