Sirio ES 50

Solar string inverter interconnected to the electricity grid.

This series refers to grid-connected photovoltaic systems on industrial or commercial roofs, in power supply systems for complementary lighting of fish farms or farms and in large terrestrial power plants. Typically, these inverters are used in grid-connected low-voltage photovoltaic systems.

Three modes of operation of the inverter: Standby, on and off.




Maximum efficiency 99%
European efficiency 98,5%
Minimum DC power [W] 40.000
Maximum DC power [W] 75.000
Maximum input voltage [V] 1100
Nominal input voltage [V] 620
Maximum input current [A] 2 x 39A + 2 x 26A
Maximum short circuit current [A] 2 x 45A + 2 x 30A
Starting voltage – minimum operating voltage [V] 250/250
MPPT operating voltage range [V] 200 ÷ 1000
Operating voltage range (full load) MPPT [V] 200 ÷ 1000
Maximum number of PV strings 10 (3/3/2/2)
MPPT number 4
AC active power (nominal) [W] 50.000
Maximum apparent AC power [VA] 55.000
Active power max. AC (PF=1) [W] 55.000
Max current AC output [A] 3x76A
Nominal voltage AC [V] 380/400, 3L+N+PE
AC voltage range [V] 277 ÷ 520 (adjustable)
Nominal mains frequency [Hz] 50 / 60
Grid frequency range [Hz] 45-55/55-65
Current Harmonic Distorsion (THDI) < 3 % (nominal power)
Direct current injection < 0,5 % In
Power factor > 0,99 nominal power (adjustable 0,8 inductive – 0,8 capacitive)
DC disconnect switch Yes
Anti-island protection Yes
AC overcurrent protection Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
DC pole inversion control Yes
Surge arrester DC type II / AC type II
Ground fault detection Yes
Current leakage protection Yes
Type Transformer-free
Protection level IP65
Night self-consumption [W] < 1
Cooling Forced with speed controlled fans
Operating temperature range [°C] -25 ÷ 60
Relative humidity range[%] 0 ÷ 100
Maximum Operating Altitude [m] 4000 (> 2000 derating)
Noise level [dB] < 50 (measured at 1m)
Dimensions (WxDxH mm) 855x275x500
Weight [Kg] 73
Display LCD + LED
Comunication Integrated Wi-Fi, integrated RS485, Ethernet (optional)
Monitoring APP, Supervisory Portal
Safety IEC62109-I, IEC62109-2
Directives CEI 0-21, CEI 0-16, RD1699, IEC62727, IEC62116
Warranty 5 years



The SIRIO ES 50 – 60 and 110 kW string inverter range refers to photovoltaic systems connected to the grid on industrial or commercial roofs, in power supply systems for complementary lighting of farms or fish farms and in large terrestrial power plants. Typically, these inverters are used in low or medium voltage photovoltaic systems connected to the grid.

Available in from 50 and 60 kW respectively, they benefit from a completely new technology with components of the highest quality that guarantee maximum product reliability and allow them to achieve high performance in all operating conditions.

Extremely compact and light, thanks to reduced dimensions and a weight of just over 70 kg with IP 65 protection degree suitable for outdoor installation, the 50 and 60 kW models are characterized by n° 4 MPPT trackers and n° 10 string inputs (12 for the 60 kW model). Maximum input voltage 1100 Vdc and wide operating range 200 – 1000 Vdc with permitted power overload of 150%; all in order to always guarantee maximum configuration flexibility, efficiency optimization and an extended energy production time.

All SIRIO ES models have a European efficiency higher than 98.5% and are equipped with double DC disconnect switch, DC and AC type II arresters, controlled forced ventilation and Bluetooth or BUS 485 standard interconnection (Wi-Fi and Ethernet optional). The innovative digital control of all power stages ensures low sensitivity to network disturbances, avoiding unwanted disconnections in the presence of variations or micro interruptions.


User Manual