SunGuard String Control Kit

Current monitor


• Monitoring of the single PV string
• Notification in the event of malfunction and/or loss of efficiency
• Monitoring from 1 up to 1016 strings
• From 0 to 50 Ampere per strings
• ModBUS communication
• RS485 connection
• Power supply 24VDC


• SGK-16 for 16 strings (XSOL007B)
• SGK-12 for 12 strings (XSOL008B)
• SGK-8 for 8 strings (XSOL009B)
• SGK-4 for 4 strings (XSOL010B)


The photovoltaic strings current monitoring kit was designed and produced after years of experience in the field and it is made up of a master board to which the following monitoring instrumentation can be connected:

1. from one to four slave boards with 4 Hall effect sensors each for a total of 16 channels
2. up to two 0-100mV sunlight sensors supplied with calibration certificate (optional – XSOL020B)
3. up to 4 PT100 or PT1000 temperature probes from 2 to 4 wires (optional – XSOL021A/XSOL022B respectively)
4. an anemometer to monitory wind speed (optional – XSOL034A)

The kit is ideal for both construction of new panels in the field and for the transformation of passive field panels (without monitoring electronics) in active field panels.

The connection between the master board and the slave boards is achieved with generic 0.50 to 1.5 mm2 electrical cables and the distance between them can be 15 metres maximum ensuring wide flexibility during installation.

The rectangular 6 x 12 mm hole for the 25/50 Ampere Hall effect sensor allows running of two 4 mm2 strings. Through the SunGuard Solar Management system the maximum amperage of the string can be set (short circuit current), monitoring its correct operation even in the presence of different string groups.