SunVision 2

Monitoring software


• graphic monitoring of inverter status in real time
• detailed view with all electrical data
• centralised control of inverters connected via serial port (RS232 or RS485) or via network
• inverter, StringBox or system summary display modes
• graphical visualization tool for data log monitoring
• alarm notification by e-mail, fax or text message
• multilingual support
• compatible with String Box
• compatible with the environmental sensors connected to the network via NetMan Sensor Interface
• on-line help
• data log import utilities from the previous version of SunVision


Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Server 2008
Windows Vista
Windows 2003
Windows XP
Windows 2000



SunVision 2 can monitor up to 255 elements (Inverter or StringBox) grouped up to a maximum of 64 systems. The graphical display of electrical data provides customers with a clear overview of system status and produced energy values, a calculation of the reduction of CO2 emissions and the economic returns generated are always available thanks to special counters.

SunVision 2 informs constantly the user about the status of the inverters, StringBox or environment sensors, either locally or sending messages over the network. Furthermore it’s possible to define a user s list who will receive alarm notification by e-mails, faxes or voice messages.Appropriate graphical reports allow you to monitor daily, weekly, monthly and annual energy production. The new export routine to text format allows the use of data in various software applications for the management of subsequent statistical analysis.


Manual - SunVision 2

SunVision 2