In this section you can access the free web CONFIGURATOR dedicated to designers, distributors and installers to choose the PV INVERTER solution that best suits your customers' needs.

In recent weeks we have worked to improve this tool, completely renovating it, so as to be able to offer you solar professionals a complete tool that adds new options and new functions.

Click here to access the Configurator.

With the software it is possible to size and configure your system by choosing from all the products in the Riello Solartech range and for all types of systems, whether they are residential, commercial or industrial.

You can opt for a traditional photovoltaic system, which generates electricity by converting the sunlight captured by the photovoltaic panels and making it available to the building's electrical system; or for a photovoltaic with storage, therefore, a hybrid photovoltaic system that embodies all the advantages of the photovoltaic combined with the use of the modern battery park.