• Low frequency isolation transformer
• High conversion efficiency
• Full nominal power up to 45 °C
• Speed-controlled fans to optimize the efficiency
• Colour LCD touch display with datalogger function
• Fully accessible from the front
• 2 expansion slots to connect communication boards
• MCCB AC side and switch DC side
• Suitable for operation with modules that require the grounding of a pole



Maximum PV power (Pmax) [kWp] 250
Minimum recommended PV power (Pmin) [kWp] 170
Recommended Vo@STC voltage (Vo) [V] 710 – 760
DC voltage range, MPPT (Vcc) [V] 450 – 760
Maximum DC voltage (Vcc, max) [V] 880
Start-up voltage (Vstart-up) [V] 540
Max DC current (Icc, max) [A] 500
Voltage ripple on modules [%] <1
DC inputs 1
Rated AC power (p.f. =1) (Pca) [kW] 200
Maximum AC power (Pca 1h) [kW] 220
Rated voltage (Vca) [V] 400 three-phase (+ / -15%)
Rated current (Ica) [Aca] 289
Max current (Ica) [Aca] 364
Rated frequency (Fca) [Hz] 50 (+2 / -3)
Distribution system TT, TN-S, TN-C
Harmonic distortion of the network current (THDi) [%] <3 with rated power
Nominal Power factor (cos φ) [%] >0.99 (adjustable ± 0.9)
Contribution to short circuit current (Icc) [A] 434
Electromagnetic compatibility SI
CE conformity SI
IP protection degree EN60529 IP20
Environmental categories Indoor, unconditioned
Overvoltage category (EN62109) II (DC) – III (AC)
Pollution degree 3
Permitted temperature range (T) [°C] -10 ÷ 50
Non condensing relative humidity range [%] 5 ÷ 95
Maximum height above sea level [m] 1000
Air change (with detaT=5 °C) [m3/h] 6450
Direction of air flow Intake through the base and the front. Extraction from the rear
Max power dissipated (in overload) (P loss) [W – KCal/h] 10598
Weight [Kg] 1580
Dimensions (LxPxA) 1600x1000x1900


Sirio Central inverters allow direct connection to the low voltage grid ensuring the galvanic separation compared to direct current installations. The generous rating of the transformer and the other inverter components provides a return of the highest among the machines of the same category. Maximum energy and safety The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) research algorithm implemented in the control system of Sirio Central inverters allows full use of the photovoltaic generator in any radiation and temperature conditions, making the plant work constantly at maximum efficiency. In the absence of solar radiation the converter goes on standby and resumes normal operation when there is radiation again. This feature reduces self-consumption to a minimum and maximizes energy efficiency. The use of speed-controlled fans helps to optimize the overall efficiency of the inverter. Fan operation that is linked to the temperature also increases the expected lifespan and reduces costs incurred for extraordinary maintenance. All these design features, the careful choice of components and guaranteed quality of production according to ISO9001 standards make the three-phase inverters Sirio extremely efficient and reliable and guarantee maximum energy production. Thermal derating Derating as a function of temperature aimed to safeguard against overheating inverter semiconductors in the case of environments with temperatures exceeding installation specifications or for forced ventilation faults, without causing a complete block of the inverter itself. Sirio Central models ensure rated power output up to 45°C environment. If this threshold is exceeded, the inverter gradually decreases the power fed into the network in such a way as to maintain heat sink temperature within the maximum limit. Once back in the range of thermal normal operation, the inverter restores the optimal working point, again ensuring maximum power transfer. User Interface Sirio Central inverters provide a series of new user interfaces composed of an LCD colour touch screen in a convenient 4.3' format. This is an evolution that allows to control the main parameters of the PV system and interact with it monitoring the operation through the interactive experience of touch functions. The device is able to perform the functions of data logger, allowing the storage of all parameters with a historical database of more than 5 years and view graphically all the variables (power, energy, AC / DC, AC / DC voltage, frequency , temperature and reactive power inverter). The new display has a USB port for data backup and the software upgrade; furthermore is compatible both with PVSER proprietary protocol on the network and with ModBUS/TCP, thus offering easy insertion in any management BMS or data analysis using an Ethernet network. Easy installation and maintenance The footprint of these devices has been considerably reduced and there is no need to leave space at the side or back of the equipment since the electronics and power components are fully accessible from the front. Fully automatic operation ensures ease of use and facilitates installation and startup, thus avoiding installation and configuration errors which could lead to failures or reduced plant productivity.


Manual - Central Inverters

User’s manual

Manual - Display Touch Screen 4.3'

Manuale utente User’s manual Manual de usuario

Manual - Display Touch Screen 7'

Manuale utente User’s manual Manual de usuario

Manual - Central Inverter ModBus Mapping

Central Inverter ModBus Mapping

Manual - Reactive and Active Power Management

Manuale utente User's manual

CE declaration of conformity SIRIO and SIRIO HV K12-K100
Models K12, K15, K18, K25, K33, K40, K64, K80, K100