The inverters in the RS range implement innovative technologies, have high quality components, and are sized with a wide margin for normal operations, thus ensuring greater reliability and wide-ranging operational flexibility. They offer innovative digital control of all power states, ensuring low sensitivity to mains interference. They are also equipped with a set of LED icons on the front of the body, allowing immediate identification of the state of the solar power plant, and an LCD display showing the instantaneous output power and any alarm codes. Thanks to their wide voltage range, they can be perfectly integrated in the most varied operating conditions of the power grid.
A unique, lightweight and compact design makes the new Riello Solartech inverters perfectly suitable for buildings of every style. The die-cast aluminium case enables them to be strong yet lightweight, ensuring an optimum real IP65 protection level, even for outdoor applications.
Among the main stand-out features of these inverters include cooling technology with natural convection, self-learning intelligent self-test, and multiple remote monitoring for operation and maintenance.

Riello Solartech Inverters deliver a high efficiency rate, with a maximum efficiency of 97.6% and a European efficiency of 96.1%.
In addition to these is the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) self-learning technology with a wide voltage range and threshold for delivery, even to a very low voltage network.
Easy to install, they offer intuitive operation and easy and immediate maintenance thanks to the user-friendly communication interface with integrated Wi-Fi for direct connection and the use of APP/WEB for remote monitoring, configuration and updating of the system. The built-in dual channel Wi-Fi provides for using one of them for the local connection with the specific APP (RS Connect) for the direct connection to the inverter, the configuration (self-test) and the local and night-time consultation and a second one for the connection to the router and data management in the cloud, through the RS Monitoring supervisory portal.