About us

Riello Solartech is part of Riello Elettronica, the holding company of a group of companies operating in sectors united by a high level of technological expertise and consisting of an Energy area, which is the group’s core business (design, production, sale and support of UPS and photovoltaic inverters) with the Riello UPS and Riello Solartech brands, and of an Automation and Security area under the AVS and Cardin brands.

The group incorporates seven production sites, 25 subsidiaries in Europe, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, China, India, Singapore and Australia, and a widespread presence in 85 countries worldwide, all offering a very high and qualified level of customer service.

With two research centres of excellence at Legnago (Verona) and Cormano (Milano) dedicated to the design, testing and continuous technological research in the field of energy conversion, Riello Elettronica maximises the value of its brands and constantly innovates and improves its product offering following its key principles: quality energy, high efficiency and sustainability.

From this philosophy and over 35 years of know-how in energy conversion, the range of Riello Solartech inverters was born.

Our Mission

Riello Elettronica has always maintained a strong interest in the world of renewable energy and sustainability, continuously implementing new solutions in its products aimed at reducing energy consumption, increasing efficiency and actively participating in spreading a culture of sustainable development.

The goal of Riello Elettronica is to make efficient products and offer global solutions to ensure power quality and a high quality of energy.

The decision to strengthen the presence on the photovoltaic market with the new Solartech brand is based on the desire to further invest in solar energy by also offering a new line of inverters dedicated to the residential segment.

Riello Solartech’s mission is reflected in the introduction of a range of excellence, geared to the distribution of technologically advanced equipment.