Schedule for launch of new Riello Solartech product range

The Italian group is launching a range totally dedicated to the residential sector in the inverter market.

“We are focusing on our consolidated sales structure and on the quality of innovative products, characterised by the latest technological innovations”

explained CEO Fabio Passuello. And for the near future we are thinking about storage systems.

by Raffaele Castagna


Riello Elettronica strengthens its presence in the market of electrical conversion with the new range of inverters under the Riello Solartech brand


Autumn 2019 will see the arrival of a new range of inverters under the Riello Solartech brand, a new brand of the historic Italian Riello Elettronica group, a Venetian company headed by Pierantonio Riello, now with a presence in the industrial world with three divisions: energy, automation and safety.

Energy is the Group’s core business, in particular with the design and production of uninterruptible power supplies, devices capable of guaranteeing the quality of the electricity and continuity of operation in a blackout or malfunctions in the supply of energy. In this market, Riello is firmly among the top four global manufacturers with the leading brand Riello UPS. With two research centres of excellence, at Legnago (Verona) and Cormano (Milano), dedicated to experimentation, design and testing, Riello has always raised the performance of its products to the maximum and constantly innovated in its products with systems based on several technological architectures.


A well-thought out decision

The decision to launch a new range of inverters under the Riello Solartech brand is based on strategic reflection and careful market analysis. Already a key player in the photovoltaic world through the Aros Solar Technology brand, with a range of inverters from 1.5 to 800 kW of power, Riello has always had a keen interest in the world of renewable energy and sustainability; one eloquent example is the sponsorship of Audi in the Formula E World Championship. «We have carefully thought out our business strategies to grasp the opportunities of this specific market» explained Salvatore Moria, Italy Sales Director of the Riello Group: «Thus, with the renewal of tax deductions for photovoltaic plants and the growth of the electric mobility sector, Riello’s management has decided to invest further in solar power by designing a new inverter line totally dedicated to the residential segment.”


A brand for the residential segment

In the autumn, the Italian and international photovoltaic market will witness the launch of a range of new products: Riello Solartech brand inverters, from 1.5 to 6.0 kW, which, in addition to the new brand, will be exhibiting a completely new design. «We have also greatly focused on the styling» explained Maurizio Tortone, Product Manager «Because, in the residential segment, inverters are often placed inside homes and therefore also need to be aesthetically pleasing». Riello Solartech inverters are compact in shape, come with IGBt technology with three levels of voltage and are equipped with a bright display for managing and controlling the solar power plant. Riello Solartech has also developed a smartphone app that enables users to manage the configuration and self-test, and to remotely monitor the performance of their installation. In the near future, the group is also considering developing some lines of residential storage systems, to be ready when the market develops attractive sales volumes for such products. The Italian group already has the technology for manufacturing high-performance storage systems, thanks to the experience derived from the production of uninterruptible power supplies of exceptional quality and efficiency, which ensures knowledge and skills that are essential for making high-level storage systems too.


Widespread network, all-round strategy

The same applies to the distribution strategy, where Riello can count on a historical and consolidated sales network in the Italian and international electricity market. The strategy for the new inverters consists of using their tried and tested channels that already successfully distribute uninterruptible power supplies. «We are one of the leading companies in UPS. We have consolidated links with the distribution of electrical material that we will also be exploiting for the world of solar power». Salvatore Moria’s statement rather eloquently describes the company’s intention to maximise its potential to strengthen its position on the photovoltaic market. Riello’s conviction to introduce a range of excellence is also strong, focusing on presenting the market with technologically advanced equipment. The support service will be another strong point, with widespread coverage at national level with the capacity for prompt intervention, which is considered by the Group as huge added value, especially as regards the domestic market. Having a national company as a counterpart is undoubtedly an advantage for installers in terms of convenience and ease in finding components. These are strengths that distinguish Riello’s products and will be communicated to the world of installers through different media and social networks. To launch the initial advertising campaign for Riello Solartech, the focus is going to be on a communication dedicated to operators in the sector informing them about the news on the inverter line; besides this, it is also planned to realize various online storytelling activities for educational and informative purposes.

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