Discover the second generation RS Single-Phase and RS Three-Phase Inverters: Compact Design, Remote Monitoring

Discover the second generation RS Single-Phase and RS Three-Phase Riello Solartech inverters for solar systems.

Riello Solartech presents its advanced RS Single-Phase and RS Three-Phase inverters, designed to offer superior performance and reliability for solar installations. Whether you need it for your home system or if you are a reseller/installer, Riello Solartech inverters are the ideal solution for maximizing energy efficiency and reducing operating costs. Find out more about the features and benefits of our products.


Available Models: 1.5 – 2.0 – 3.0 kW

Riello Solartech second generation RS Single-Phase inverters are designed to guarantee maximum efficiency and ease of use. Here are some of the main features:

  • Natural cooling technology: guarantees reliability even in high temperature situations, operating extremely silently.
  • High efficiency: maximum efficiency of 97.3%, European efficiency of 96.3%.
  • String current: up to 15 A, with PV configuration at 130%.
  • Advanced connectivity: built-in Bluetooth, remote monitoring and night consultation.
  • Intelligent self-test: self-learning functionality via dedicated APP.

Maximum energy efficiency with Riello Solartech RS Single-Phase inverters

Second generation RS Single-Phase inverters combine energy efficiency and high performance, reducing installation and operating costs. These inverters implement innovative technologies, high-quality components and advanced digital control to ensure stability and operational continuity. Built-in surge protection and redundancy in control devices ensure safe and reliable operation.

  • Compact and lightweight design: made of aluminum with IP65 protection, ideal for outdoor use.
  • Remote monitoring: support for maintenance and operation via APP and WEB portal.
  • Natural cooling: maintains reliability even in high temperature conditions.

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Available Models: 10.0 – 15.0 – 20.0 kW

Designed to maximize energy efficiency in the commercial sector, they are equipped with double MPPT to optimize energy performance thanks to the ability to manage string currents up to 20 A and photovoltaic configurations up to 130%.

Main features and models

  • Double MPPT: Optimization of energy efficiency.
  • Maximum String Current up to 20 A: Greater efficiency.
  • Photovoltaic configuration up to 130%: Greater flexibility.
  • Aluminum Case with IP66 Protection: Suitable for external installations.
  • LCD Display and Status LED: Intuitive monitoring.

Design and Reliability

The RS Three-Phase inverters combine Italian design and robust materials to ensure long life and reliability. Available in powers from 10.0 to 20.0 kW, they use a natural ventilation system for models up to 15.0 kW and forced ventilation for the 20.0 kW model, ensuring low losses and high operational efficiency.

Easy Installation and Monitoring

These inverters are compact and lightweight, with intuitive and quick assembly. They offer advanced connectivity via integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet option, allowing detailed remote monitoring of solar system performance via APP and Cloud.

Benefits for Companies

Choosing Riello Solartech’s RS Three-Phase inverters means investing in a technologically advanced and long-lasting solution, ideal for optimizing energy production and ensuring efficient operation of commercial solar systems. Reducing operating costs and improving environmental sustainability are just some of the advantages offered by these innovative inverters.


Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy sources available today. Focusing on solar energy means contributing to reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change. Furthermore, solar energy can significantly reduce long-term energy costs, as it uses a free and inexhaustible resource. With government incentives and technological advancements, installing solar systems has become more accessible, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice for many.

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Optimize energy efficiency with Riello Solartech RS Single-Phase inverters. Riello Solartech single-phase inverters are perfect for a variety of applications, including single-family homes, small businesses and offices.

Solutions for single-family homes: in a single-family home, Riello Solartech single-phase inverters can significantly contribute to reducing energy bills. Using self-produced solar energy, homeowners can power appliances, heating and cooling systems, and lighting. This not only lowers energy costs, but also increases the home’s energy self-sufficiency. By reducing dependence on the electricity grid, homeowners are protected against fluctuating energy prices and power outages.

Benefits for small businesses: the Riello Solartech RS Single-Phase inverter can play a crucial role in containing operating costs. For example, a retail store can use solar energy to power registers, lighting, security systems and other electronic equipment, significantly reducing monthly energy expenses. Furthermore, investing in solar energy improves the company’s image, demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Benefits for offices: In offices, the use of a Riello Solartech RS Single-Phase inverter can lead to significant savings on energy costs and greater self-sufficiency. Offices that use solar energy to power computers, climate control systems, lights and other electronic devices can significantly reduce energy bills. Furthermore, in the event of power grid outages, solar energy provides a reliable source of energy, ensuring operational continuity.


Shopping center buildings and shops can benefit enormously from the installation of three-phase photovoltaic inverters. These buildings often have large flat roofs or outdoor areas suitable for installing solar panels. The energy produced can be used to power lighting, air conditioning and electrical equipment, significantly reducing energy costs and improving the overall efficiency of the building. Furthermore, the use of three-phase inverters allows a balanced distribution of power across all loads, improving the stability of the internal electrical network.

Solar Systems on Industrial Plants: factories and industrial plants often require large amounts of energy to power heavy machinery and manufacturing processes. Three-phase photovoltaic inverters are perfect for these environments, thanks to their ability to handle high volumes of energy and support heavy electrical loads. Installing a three-phase inverter photovoltaic system can help industries reduce operating costs, stabilize energy supply and contribute to environmental sustainability. Furthermore, the ability to monitor and manage the system remotely via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections guarantees efficient maintenance and continuous performance control.

Solar systems for agricultural and agri-food companies: farms and agribusinesses can leverage solar energy to reduce energy costs associated with operations such as irrigation, refrigeration and product processing. Three-phase photovoltaic inverters are ideal for these applications thanks to their robustness and ability to operate in harsh environments. A well-designed photovoltaic system can power irrigation pumps, refrigeration systems and other agricultural equipment, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and improving the sustainability of agricultural operations. Solar energy can also be used to power storage and processing facilities, ensuring a constant and reliable energy supply.


In all these scenarios, the second generation Riello Solartech RS Single-Phase and RS Three-Phase inverters not only reduce energy costs, but also contribute to greater environmental sustainability, promoting the use of renewable energy sources. Investing in solar energy means adopting an ecological solution that reduces carbon emissions and protects the environment.

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